Park 'n' Shine
cleans your car
no matter how
dirty it is!

Park 'n' Shine now offers:

  • Scratch Repair including bumpers
  • Windshield Star Repair
  • Headlight Restoration

NO Cardboard

NO Duct Tape

Only the finest in mobile appearance repair services!

Mobile Auto Appearance Repair Services

Park 'n' Shine has been Albuquerque's leading Mobile Detailing for the past decade. Now, Park 'n' Shine is Albuquerque's leading supplier of Mobile Auto Appearance Repairs. Use the links below to learn more about the services we offer.

Please contact the office for quotes and scheduling of any Appearance Repair. You may call 505-281-3010 or send an email.

  • Windshield Repairs - In most cases, you don't need to pay for an expensive windshield replacement. Just repair it!

  • Headlight Restoration - There is no need to replace those yellow, dirty headlights. Restore them!

  • Scratches - Restore that showroom finish with our touchup and paint services!

  • Dents - Minor dents go away with our paintless dent repair service. We recommend calling Joe Pena with Speedy PDR - (505) 227-6760 - for dent repairs.

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