Park 'n' Shine
cleans your car
no matter how
dirty it is!

Park 'n' Shine now offers:

  • Scratch Repair including bumpers
  • Windshield Star Repair
  • Headlight Restoration

NO Cardboard

NO Duct Tape

Only the finest in mobile appearance repair services!

Mobile Windshield Repair Services for the Albuquerque area

Windshield Repair


The key to avoiding costly windshield replacement is inexpensive windshield repair. Park 'n' Shine uses high quality resins and techniques to ensure that your windshield repair does not yellow or recrack. Our repairs continue to look good for as long as you own your vehicle.

Star Repairs

Park 'n' Shine fills your windshiled star or chip with resin. In most cases, this makes the chip unnoticable. In a few situations, you may still see a tiny dot in the repair. In all cases, the repair will not enlarge or spider.

Crack or Line Repairs

We can stop and seal cracks of all sizes. If the crack is six inches or shorter, you may still see the crack. However, the repair will not enlarge or spider.

If the crack is longer than six inches, you will still see the crack after our repair. However, the repair will not enlarge or spider. The Department of Transportation highly recomends replacing your windshield when it has a crack of more than six inches.

Click on each picture to see a larger image. The yellow circle indicates the size of the original star.
Before After
Windshield Repair Before Windshield Repair After
Windshield Repair Before Windshield Repair After


  • Stars - $30
  • Lines Shorter than 6 inches - $45
  • Lines Longer than 6 inches but not touching the edges - $100

Please contact the office to schedule windshield repair. You may call 505-281-3010 or send us an email.

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